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Parallel Lines

While some may find this story silly, the creation of BULLET BITES has had a profound impact on my life, and I'm thrilled to share it with you. 

Throughout high-school I found myself chewing through a pack of gum every week.  I was always the kid with the gum, and everyone knew it!  Anxiously chewing away, it became my outlet for stress and anxiety.  I soon realized that my constant gum chewing had unintended consequences.

1) I got two pretty serious cavities

2) I experienced ongoing stomach discomfort caused by constant chewing and the resulting gas.

3) Surprisingly, my jawline became remarkably chiseled, often receiving compliments from others.

As I entered college, I began to learn how to manage my stress and discovered my personal purpose in life—a journey of self-discovery that continues to this day.


Along this path, I made an intriguing observation. Gradually, I started to lose the definition and structure in my face. After a few years of contemplation, I finally realized that the only major change in my life was the absence of gum chewing. 


I hated how chewing gum made my stomach feel after chewing for 20 minutes, plus I was tired of my dentist scolding me for my sweet tooth.  I caved and purchased Jawzrcise™.  However, incorporating it into my busy schedule proved challenging, not to mention the discomfort it caused in my face and front teeth.

Then I purchased CHISELL tabs from Amazon.  These were better because I wanted something that used my molars rather than my front teeth.  Although they were an improvement, I chewed through them within a week—a frustrating and relatively expensive experience.

Left empty-handed, I grabbed my old Jawzrcise and a pair of scissors, and I set out to create my own silicone tab design. The tab I crafted was cylindrical, providing an ergonomic fit between my molar teeth, with a conical tip for even stress distribution upon contact with the rear molars.

This makeshift silicone tab met all my requirements. It was sleek, discreet, and didn't trigger my gag reflex. It offered endless chewing, spared me stomach aches, and didn't tear as quickly (check out FAQ 10 for more details!).

My creation unintentionally resembled the shape of a bullet. I was biting the bullet — hence the name BULLET BITES™

BULLET BITES™ was born.

With a background in Mechanical Engineering shared by my brother, we embarked on a journey to design this revolutionary product. We hit the drawing board, tirelessly refining and prototyping until we finally manufactured and created the world's most groundbreaking jaw trainer to ever exist.

If you are reading this, that means we have successfully designed, prototyped, manufactured and distributed the world's most revolutionary jaw trainer to exist.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. If you have any questions, please consult our FAQs or email us at

Best Regards,

Josh Sarrafian, Founder of BULLET BITES™

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