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  • FAQ 2: What are BULLET BITES™ composed of?
    BULLET BITES™ are crafted from food grade silicone material. Silicone is a resilient and versatile polymer consisting of non-toxic silica. Silicone is free from harmful additives such as BPS and BPA, rendering it non-toxic and meeting the requirements for food safety standards.
  • FAQ 5: Can your jaw muscles really get bigger?
    Absolutely! The masseter muscle, located in the jaw, is similar to other muscles in the human body. Through targeted exercises and adequate nutrient intake, this muscle can undergo a process of growth and development, much like the bicep muscle. With consistent exercise and proper nourishment, the masseter muscle gradually increases in size and strength, contributing to overall jaw strength and functionality.
  • FAQ 7: What should I do if my BULLET BITES™ tear?
    Should you observe any tearing, it is recommended to discard the damaged bullet and proceed with the next one from your kit. BULLET BITES™ are crafted from FDA compliant food grade silicone, with silicon dioxide being the primary component. Notably, silicone does not release toxins at any stage, including when it undergoes deterioration. When silicone breaks down, it transforms into water vapor, silicon, and carbon dioxide, all of which are natural elements that can reenter the atmosphere without causing pollution. While silicone is safe for use, its mechanical properties are not ideal for biting and chewing, making tearing an inevitable outcome. Introducing polymers to prevent tearing would compromise the safety of silicone for oral contact, which was not a viable option. Thus, the two parameters within our control became the shape and quantity of the product. To address this, we provide a starter pack comprising of two bullets for each level. When a bullet begins to tear, simply discard it and replace it with another from your kit. The octagonal design of BULLET BITES™ ensures even stress distribution as your molar teeth engage with them, making it an optimal structure for an effective jaw trainer. Unlike other jaw trainer tabs available in the market, which feature a flat surface that leads to high stress intensity when the pointed part of the molars align perpendicularly with the tab, this issue is effectively avoided with BULLET BITES™.
  • FAQ 8: What do Levels 1, 2, and 3 mean?
    BULLET BITES™ Levels: - Level 1: Offers lighter resistance, ideal for casual biting for longer durations. It is suitable for achieving an endurance-specific workout. - Level 2: Provides medium resistance, perfect for adding a bit more resistance to your casual biting routine. - Level 3: The hardest material of the three, offering high resistance strength training. Use Level 3 in moderation and based on your experience level. If exercising with Level 3 is challenging, we recommend building strength with Level 1 and Level 2 before advancing. All levels can be used throughout the day, offering a wide range of exercise options.
  • FAQ 6: Why are there two bullets for each level included in the package?
    The inevitability of tearing became a prominent consideration, as explained in FAQ 7. In our pursuit to address a problem that our competitors tend to overlook for their own profitability, we chose a proactive approach. Instead of disregarding the fact that tearing/wear is bound to occur, we took action and devised a solution: providing double the amount of bullets in each package. This ensures that you can continue your jaw training journey uninterrupted, even in the event of tearing through a bullet.
  • FAQ 3: How frequently should I bite the bullet?
    Here is our recommended 1st Month Exercise Regimen: Week 1 TAKE DAY ONE PROGRESS PHOTO! Level 1 or 2 - Perform 20 bites on each side (3x per day) Week 2 Level 1 or 2 - Perform 40 bites on each side(3x per day) Week 3 Level 1 or 2 - Perform 40 bites on each side (3x per day) Level 3 - Perform 10 bites on each side (1x per day) Week 4 Level 1 or 2 - Perform 50 bites on each side (2x per day) Level 3 - Perform 20 bites on each side (2x per day) TAKE 1 MONTH PROGRESS PHOTO! We'd love to see your results! Experienced users are expected to bite for 10-20 minutes daily rather than counting repetitions. By cultivating a habit of biting bullets consistently throughout the day, you create an optimal environment for the growth and development of your masseter and facial muscles. BITE THE BULLET!
  • FAQ 1: How to use BULLET BITES™?
    BULLET BITES™ should be used with caution, choking hazard exists due to small parts in mouth. It is best to avoid engaging with BULLET BITES™ during activities such as running, working out, and talking. Doing so may cause your breathing to increase which could potentially cause user to inhale or swallow bullets. Use BULLET BITES™ at your own risk. Wash your BULLET BITES™ by rinsing them in lukewarm water. Before and after using BULLET BITES™, it's recommended to massage and stretch your face. Open your mouth wide and massage your jaw muscles using both hands, rubbing in a circular motion. Place one bullet in your mouth between your molar teeth. The direction of the logo shall be facing inward. Exercise by biting the bullet slowly using your molar teeth. The biting motion should be straight up and down, avoiding circular motions. Occasionally alternate the bullet between the left and right molars to evenly train your facial muscles. Refer to FAQ 3 for detailed exercise regiment information. Experienced users are expected to bite for 10-20 minutes daily. However, feel free to adjust this duration based on your comfort level. If you experience any unusual pain or dizziness, stop immediately. It's normal to have moderate muscle soreness, which should subside within a day or two. If soreness persists, consider performing massages or consulting a physician. If a bullet begins to tear, discard it and move on to a new one (refer to FAQ 7). Please note that a subscription plan (RELOAD) will be available soon. All levels can be used throughout the day, offering a wide range of exercise options. BULLET BITES™ were specifically designed to be discrete, allowing you to maximize your jaw training journey. By incorporating the habit of consistently biting bullets throughout the day, you create an optimal environment for the growth and development of your masseter and facial muscles. The more you incorporate BULLET BITES™ into your lifestyle, the quicker you will notice results.
  • FAQ 4: Will I experience increased facial blood flow?
    The circulation of blood plays a crucial role in supplying cells with oxygen and nutrients, as well as eliminating waste products. It is essential for both active muscles and maintaining healthy skin. Acne Magazine emphasizes the significance of good circulation for maintaining healthy facial skin. By incorporating BULLET BITES™ exercises and flexing your facial muscles and skin, you can boost blood circulation in your face. This, in turn, improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your cells, resulting in enhanced cellular health .
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